Motion is a crucial element in my work. When I was younger, I would run 100m sprints. Before every sprint I was filled with fear, anticipating the pain. While running, at some point halfway, my perception of time would change. Afterwards I could never remember what happened in that moment. There was a blank.

Later I learned that effort-related illusions are common in sports, but this slight reality distortion, in which time appeared dilated and memory was erased, led me to work with film. Film can capture the passing of time, and allows me to visualize both memories and fiction.

Branding proved a place where I can merge my interest in motion with strategy and design. When approaching a project, I boil down the qualities that define a brand, in order to come to the essence. Bringing clarity and purpose to a project is something I learned during my time at Gretel. 

A befriended artist inspired me with his focus on simplicity, choosing to paint with one single stroke. I appreciate this philosophy because it requires one to be both intentional and resourceful; to ask ourselves what we really need, and what may be too much? To me, a good project communicates what’s important with considered, aesthetic simplicity. Lightness is key.

My design process is often informed by serendipity, and the wonders of interpretation. What may seem like something out of place, may be a gateway to a new world. I cherish collaborating with people and friends who share a future-minded approach, and enjoy exchanges with clients and collaborators, always seeking a sense of synergy and symbiosis.

Johannes currently works at Apple in San Francisco as a Senior Designer (Art Direction).